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Archive for October, 2014

VIDEO: Managing The Mix Between Power And Airspeed

Now that we’re in the air, it’s time to work on maintaining stable airspeeds through your maneuvers. In this week’s episode, Chris Palmer from Angle of Attack introduces the concept of “Pitch = Airspeed, Power = Altitude.” (Originally posted in 2010.) Need some Saitek gear for your flight sim? Check out our October sales!

FS Gliding Adds A Whole New Dimension To Flight Sim

(Rob Newbold, an avid glider in the UK and longtime Saitek customer, was kind enough to provide us with an intro to FS gliding. He also created the RW gliding videos you see here.)   Why gliding? Easy to start and difficult to master. If you talk to many pilots you will find they started […]