SKY SESSIONS: Jane’s Advanced Strike Fighters – Visualizing the Surroundings

Andrew Stevens from periodically shares his Twitch series “Sky Sessions” with Saitek. 

Even though the first few articles I’ve written here on the Saitek blog may say otherwise, I do actually enjoy more than just War Thunder. I pretty much like any game that’s flight related. This means arcade, flight combat racing games, and even strategy games that deal with flight. Show me a plane and I’ll be happy! As for today, I decided to take a look at Jane’s Advanced Strike Fighters.

Jane’s Advanced Strike Fighters is a game I grabbed during one of the many great Steam sales. I hadn’t heard the best things about it as apparently the series has a past that I’m not aware of. I guess this version of the game is far off from what the series used to be. (After doing some research into the series, I found the box art of many of those Jane’s games and my goodness does that logo look familiar. Maybe I have played them before.)

Anyway, I’m not worried about the series’ past. I’m just here to check out the first mission of Jane’s Advanced Strike Fighters.

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As the video displays, the game is definitely heavy on the arcade side of flight. It doesn’t go too overboard as the controls feel rather nice, but insane immediate speed and unlimited ammo definitely says everything. What boggles my mind though is the altitude limit. Why in the world can’t I fly higher than 10,000ft?

I actually like flying around in the game and checking out the landscape. It doesn’t look as bad as some people say in a few reviews I’ve read. I actually think the entire sway movement for the aircraft during flight is rather interesting. It provides an extra sense of flight in a way and gives a little more for the player to adjust in control.


I actually enjoyed just scouting the land at the beginning of the game, and the video shows just how much fun I had flying around the city and under the bridge. I like doing that in all flight games though.

The first mission wasn’t anything special. In fact it felt really simple and straight forward. Apparently (from what I read) it doesn’t get any better than that. But if the flying is manageable, then I’m sure the missions can’t be too annoying. It’s not like anyone will ever run out of ammo and fail a mission because of that!

CaptureI think I’ll be interested in checking out more of Jane’s Advanced Strike Fighters in the near future. Maybe I’ll even feature it during a Sky Sessions episode and go through many of the missions. After that I’ll definitely have a good idea of what this game is all about.


What are some of your memories of Jane’s?

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REVIEW: Flight Sim Global Checks Out Pro Flight Yoke & Pedals

Flight Sim Global make high quality video reviews of flight sim software and hardware. Recently they turned their attention to the basic building blocks of a flight rig, the Saitek Pro Flight Yoke and Pedals. Check it out in the video above!

Need some Saitek gear for your flight sim?

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Interested In Beta Testing?

CaptureSaitek is looking for a few good testers. Hardware testers, specifically, who own Saitek equipment and are interested in participating in beta testing both hardware and software. First up is helping Dovetail Games with their beta testing of FSX on Steam. Now’s your chance to squash some of those longtime legacy bugs from almost 10 years ago!

To be considered for the “Saitek Beta Team” send us a Private Message on Facebook with:

+ your computer specs
+ list of flight sim hardware (Saitek and non-Saitek)
+ years of experience with flight sim
+ email address
+ full name

If you are accepted, we’ll send you an NDA and a beta key to get started. Help out the future of flight sim today!

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Watch Elite: Dangerous Premiere Livestream!

Watch live video from EliteDangerous on

(UPDATE: Archive of the live stream available in the link above.)

November 22, 2014
8pm GMT
3pm ET
12pm PT

Elite: Dangerous officially launches December 16 worldwide. Watch the stream live from the Premiere Event for exclusive content and prize giveaways!

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While you are waiting for it to start check out this home built Elite: Dangerous cockpit that cost £3000!!!!

Can’t swing all of that gear just yet but want to really immerse yourself in Elite? Then you’ll need a HOTAS and a great set of cans.

Get the X52 Pro and F.R.E.Q. 4D!

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AVIATOR90: Many Pieces Of Flare

In aviation parlance the flare is the transition between an approach to a landing. There’s quite a bit more to it than cutting the power and pulling the yoke up in a semi-panic when the runway is approaching, which is what I usually do. In this week’s episode Chris Palmer from Angle of Attack explains the importance of a stable approach and the correct elements of a proper flare including using your peripheral vision.

Need some Saitek gear for your flight sim?

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Angle of Attack is a subscription based video service that specializes in flight simulator training using real world standards. Whether you are a seasoned flight sim pilot ready to take on PMDG’s 777 or a beginner just starting out in flight sim, Angle of Attack is a realistic, impactful, and entertaining training resource. The entire first series of videos, Aviator 90, is available for free on their website to members (signup is completely free). We will be re-posting one video from the Aviator 90 series once a week here on
A study guide for all the Aviator90 episodes can be downloaded here.
Originally posted in 2010. Discuss this article on Facebook.
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