Pagnian Next Level Flight Simulator Cockpit


The home cockpit — as a virtual pilot, it’s your “office.” And if your business is giving the business to the enemy for hours on end in dogfights, bombing raids, and long range missile strikes, you need your office setup to be comfortable and sturdy. Most importantly, your office suitable for air combat and not for fighting with spreadsheets and email attachments. Recently a new company from Australia called Pagnian, known mostly for their racing cockpits, has entered the simpit market with their Next Level Flight Simulator Cockpit and we were fortunate enough to get to try one out here at Saitek and share some quick thoughts with you. Continue reading



The entire Next Level cockpit setup was delivered in a variety of thick, well packed cardboard boxes. The big box on the bottom contained the seat and the pedal board while the smaller boxes on top were separate modules for the keyboard stand, monitor stand, and gaming desktop.

You’ll notice the big box also says “NEXT LEVEL RACING.” Indeed the chair itself, the floor mat, and other parts of the cockpit also say “NEXT LEVEL RACING” as these are the same units that make up their racing cockpit. It’s really just a cosmetic thing and doesn’t affect the setup or enjoyment of the cockpit from a functional standpoint but certainly it could be a concern for some. In the future Pagnian will probably make “flight”-flavored accouterments if the customers demand it.


Opening the big box we find the seat itself and a couple boxes. The seat itself is folded up and like all the other hardware pieces of the cockpit it is wrapped neatly in bubble wrap.  The smaller boxes contain the pedal stand and the flight accessories module.


Once the chair is folded out and the base plates are attached, it’s really quite comfortable and should fit any size pilot. It has separate foam sections on the back with velcro so you can place them as best suits you. It also has a lever underneath to adjust your distance from your monitors.



Now let’s open up the flight accessories box. Like all the other hardware parts, the elements in this box are coated in a heavy duty glossy black powder and bubble wrapped. Certainly sturdy enough for your HOTAS or other flight sim gear. Above you can see various panels, the square ones come pre-drilled to hold your X-52 or X-52 Pro. (X-55 Rhino plates are coming soon.) Using the long bars you can set your throttle on the left and the stick on the right, or the throttle on the left and your stick in the middle. The directions are simple to follow; if you can put together an IKEA cabinet you can put together this cockpit!



And here’s how it looks all put together with a monitor, X-52 Pro, and the keyboard stand. It truly does bring your gaming experience to the “Next Level.”

There’s plenty of room on the keyboard stand for panels and FIPs as well. You can also swap out the center keyboard stand for the side swivel keyboards stand if you wish.

For more info check out the official Pagnian website. At the moment Pagnian products are sold in Europe and Australia but I am told that Pagnian is looking to be in the US market by late 2014/early 2015.

And if you want a hands on demonstration with this cockpit you may see one in the Saitek booth at AirVenture Oshkosh 2014…

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Summer Sizzle Sale 25% Off Select Saitek Panels!

Summer-Sizzle_Saitek_RotatorUS & CAN ONLY

Now through the end of June, enjoy HUGE savings on select Pro Flight panels up to 25% off! Round out your flight simulator setup and get Closer To Reality with the Pro Flight Switch Panel, Pro Flight Multi Panel, and Pro Flight Backlit Instrument Panel (BIP). The Pro Flight Throttle/Prop./Mixture (TPM) is also on sale for you GA pilots and for the multi-engine captains, additional Pro Flight Throttle Quadrants! We’ve also slashed prices on our popular AV8R and console flight sticks!

Click here to enter Saitek Summer Sizzle Sale store!
Continue reading

Each Saitek product comes with a modular mounting bracket so you can configure your simpit exactly the way you want it and will work with your favorite flight sim program. (Fully supported in Flight Simulator X, requires additional plugins in X-Plane and minor workaround in Prepar3D.)


Want reviews? Check these reviews out from FlightSim and Aerosoft.


“The Saitek switch panel, either as an extension of your Pro Flight Yoke System or as an individual item, is nicely designed. It fits perfectly on a Saitek yoke System, but it’s also beautiful as a stand-alone piece of hardware.” Read the full Switch Panel Review on Aerosoft Sim News.



“I had real fun with [the Backlit Information Panel] and has it enhanced the flight sim experience, you bet.” Read the full Backlit Information Panel (BIP) Review on




“It’s wonderful to see how easily [the Multi Panel] works….” Read the full Multi Panel Review on Aerosoft Sim News.




“For the GA (general aviation) enthusiast, [the Throttle/Prop.Mixture] offers realistic feel.” Read the full Throttle/Prop./Mixture (TPM) Review on

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Saitek Partners With Vision Of Flight


“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

Saitek is pleased to announce a partnership with Vision of Flight, a non-profit organization based in Orlando, Florida that is dedicated to providing students with an introduction to the myriad careers available to them in aeronautics through an exciting, engaging and interactive STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics) program. Continue reading

Vision of Flight’s program exposes students to the world of flight through actual hands-on experience with aircraft, flight simulation, flight time in an actual aircraft, and by using virtual reality to link students throughout the region (allowing them to work on group projects), regardless of geographic location. Vision of Flight perform demonstrations year round at various schools and youth clubs and Saitek are proud to have contributed equipment including yokes, pedals, and panels for their flight simulators.


Vision of Flight also have after school programs for the students who become fascinated with aviation through their demonstrations. According to a recent U.S. News & World Report article, one of the most crucial factors for the success of STEM in the United States is having actual mentors working with students in poor, rural, or underserved communities. Thanks to organizations such as Vision of Flight, the STEM initiative will continue to take flight and empower students to compete on an international scale.


Jai with Mike McKenzie

Jai Dowe is one such ongoing success story. Jai competed in the February 2013 Fantasy of Flight Black History Month Essay contest at the Middle School level and won. He was awarded a check for $500.00. Jai is the longest running student participant with the Vision of Flight program, having been with them now for over 3-years.

mVHnBkR9WyptjFqAIzewob0dKdT7j5_liaHC4UVXivs,Vt6WP4VKn2790jzddNXiqIvtUts4Nik9a3FM603nwFA,nlC74Tx4mXq9tP0qrnh6IOFIzkpzrKw9BlizRViMW4gZu_TiRO884PbdhAw9OAE1doshcy5T9N0RBimYeKLEVE,Cb6O1EWQjJU0R8kTr9Eca6aMhIj-OY5m-Gd3QauyqWo,rMd7xIctGFzrFgFTFQ0nHNsDH_LjrQFlW7kJjwYfewk,pZsHP4D1u_fWcitR7lIRSoeMNe5tMfAOy3jyK1Py8Ckzk5uY-tSTF_UnHI6hY2UEV1eCKmajOxFReCci296zZc,EVwBHIdRN8XcspdVQnUIHbe_X7hLobcQK5aa90vJynQ,BlX-dhx4z5NyQ9lyfeKPUMp9jgXRnE78idyNpbvQjccEvery year the culmination of Vision of Flight’s program is FlyDay, where students actually get to fly and see that the sky is the limit. The last FlyDay was April 22, 2014 at Trax Air Flight School and was attended by members of the Tuskegee Airmen including Lt. Col. Hiram E. Mann. Everyone’s favorite YouTuber Frooglesim was also there.

Thomas Duffy and Mike McKenzie of Vision of Flight

Thomas Duffy and Mike McKenzie of Vision of Flight

Saitek and Vision of Flight will continue to work towards spreading the joy of flight and the opportunities of aviation to the coming generations.

Interested in learning how to Flight Sim? Take a look at our Pro Flight Yoke. It comes standard with a Throttle Quadrant and is a great piece of hardware to get started with.


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v. X-55 Rhino H.U.D. Software Released

Hey, everyone, just some quick news on the Rhino. We’re pleased to announce that another run of the Rhino is coming soon and is available for pre-order sale on our North American, UK, French, and German stores!

We’ve also just seen the new issue of PC Pilot magazine and the Rhino has been given the PC Pilot Platinum Award! Click here for more reviews and links.

If you already own the Rhino, a new software version is available now from the downloads page.

Version changelist

+ Bugs with the Latched and Repeat Action programming functions fixed

If you have an existing profile with bugged commands:

  1. Install the new software (you do not need to uninstall the old version)
  2. Open up the profile
  3. Delete the bugged commands
  4. Re-create the commands and save.

If this does not fix your commands you may need to create a brand new profile.

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The 2014 Saitek Customer Survey

Survey“We’ll need to get to a higher vantage point.”

At Saitek we’re committed to listening to our community and see what their concerns, hopes, and passions are for flight sim and beyond. The 2014 Saitek Customer Survey is now live; please take a moment and fill it out. As we get to know you a little bit better, you’ll also have the chance to tell us what’s on your mind:  What could we improve? What do you want to see in the future? Now’s your chance to sound off!

Click here to take the 2014 Saitek Customer Survey.

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