XOTIC PC Special Bundle For Sun ‘n Fun!


xpc_airshow_promo_productsWe’re very excited to be partnering up with Xotic PC this year for Sun ‘n Fun and beyond. Check out the awesome bundle they have put together for their show!

FREE Performance package and Gaming bundle on ALL desktops ($300+ value)
FREE Laptop Gaming bundle on select MSI gaming laptops ($200+ value)
SAVE $100 OFF All Stage 3 and 4 XOTIC PC Gaming Desktops!

Order now and get a FREE Mad Catz R.A.T. TE Mouse and F.R.E.Q. TE Headset! Continue reading

Can’t say enough about how great these machines are. We’re running Elite: Dangerous and Prepar3D on Xotic Evoke Systems and the performance is incredible! Not to mention how sleek the small form factor and beautiful the custom paint job are, the LED lightshow has to be seen to be believed!

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We’re at Sun ‘n Fun 2015 in Lakeland, FL!

snf2015Saitek’s back for Sun ‘n Fun 2015, one of the largest airshows in North America! Save big with Saitek specials available only at the show. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to see all the photos! Continue reading

We’ll have demo stations set up showcasing the Rhino using Elite: Dangerous and the X-52 using Prepar3D. We’ll also be running the Saitek Pro Flight Simulator Cockpit with FSX: Steam Edition! The cockpit is the perfect Saitek-branded solution for housing all the Saitek flight sim hardware you would need for a full simulator and works with FSX, X-Plane, and Prepar3D. Joe, a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) and flight sim enthusiast, will be manning the cockpit all week and he can answer all your questions about aviation and flight sim.


FroogleSim is joining us again for an exclusive Meet n’ Greet on Saturday April 25th! Come by in the morning to meet him and Jeff from CodeZero Gaming. We’re also having our MASSIVE giveaway that day so stop by the booth any time this week to sign up for the raffle!


Click here to visit Froogle’s YouTube Channel

Last but not least, not one but TWO exciting jet teams are scheduled to appear this year: the Breitling Jet Team and the Thunderbirds!




Come on out for a lot of fun and (hopefully) sun!

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X-Plane Drivers for PC 1.2.5 Released – Flight Instrument Panel Support

WP_20150414_16_45_46_ProSaitek has released new drivers for X-Plane 9 & 10 for PC. Head over now to the Downloads section and enjoy full support for all Pro Flight gear, including the FIP!

Continue reading

WP_20150414_16_47_13_ProWP_20150414_16_51_09_ProThose on Mac can still head to X-Plane.org for community made drivers. Thanks again to the community for helping with X-Plane compatibility and for being patient as we endeavor to make all of our gear work with everything.


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VIDEO: Froogle Takes A Look At The Different Saitek Yokes & Pedals

Subscribe to Froogle’s channel for more in depth flight sim videos!

Visit Saitek’s webstore for the latest deals on sim hardware.

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SKY SESSIONS: Aerowings 2 on Dreamcast – Landing Gear Optional

Andrew Stevens from Fanbolt.com periodically shares his “Sky Sessions” and thoughts on flight sim with Saitek. 


This week I was in the mood to play a little Dreamcast and return to the skies in one of my favorite flight games on the console, Aerowings 2: AirStrike. This is a game I played a lot when it first came out, but never much afterward. So, I decided it was time to once again take a flight down memory lane.

Aerowings 2 might actually be one of the best console-based flight simulation games ever created. Flight games on consoles usually lean more on the arcade side, but this one is pretty hardcore. Aerowings 2 certainly offers some of the finest flying I’ve ever experienced on consoles. Continue reading

The hardcore aviation that Aerowings 2 pushes on players is witnessed right from the beginning as players spend quite a bit of time going through basic training. Players are forced to take off, land, make precise turns, rolls, and other maneuvers; all while being graded on their work. If players don’t meet the expectations, such as staying within a certain G-force range or specific altitude, they will have to redo the short mission again.

Nope! There is no getting straight into the action in this console title! It’s all about flying perfectly first. This even includes formation flying, including formation take-offs and rolls. However, players can jump into a free flight mode to simply get some relaxed flying time.

The first video I created is one of my early-on free flights with an F-16. The controls feel very touchy in spots, especially when I made my high-speed pass by the tower. I actually got a lot lower to the ground than I intended. At least it turned out looking alright!

Make sure to watch the beginning of the video to get a feel for what it’s like to fly around in Aerowings 2, but also watch the replay of my flight at the end which is a lot more exciting to view. That’s mostly because it looks absolutely amazing. When did this game come out?

During my first flight I suffered from having the expectation that I could still be a perfect pilot in Aerowings 2 even though I haven’t played the game in a long time. I was actually far from being a good pilot. I can’t expect to be the aviator I once was when I originally played Aerowings 2. I’m sure most of us understand how it goes when returning to a game for the first time in quite a while. That same fancy flying ability is no longer in one’s repertoire of skills! Not without spending at least a few hours of basic flying first.


It’s easy to tell that I am still getting used to the controls and feel for Aerowings 2 as my first landing is a complete joke. That’s why I decided to take off again immediately. However, my second attempt at landing was pretty much as good as it can get! It was a thing of beauty! All except that I completely missed my gear going back up… WHAT!

For more from Andrew follow him on Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, and Steam.

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