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STAR CITIZEN: Contest Winners from Gamescom!

Alex Nanitchkov (8)

Congratulations to the two winners of our Star Citizen X55/Playseat cockpit contest, Alex Nanitchkov and Hendrik Schepkens!

Alex won the Origin M50 paint scheme contest with this stunning entry, the Inca Talmir.

Alex Nanitchkov (7)

Alex Nanitchkov (4)
You can see more of Alex’s work at artofinca.com.

Here is Alex trying out the feel of the HOTAS in his leather cockpit Playseat.

Alex Nanitchkov (10)



Hendrik attended the Star Citizen Gamescom party and won the raffle. He got his X55 signed by Chris Roberts and company!

Hendrik Schepkens (2)

And here he is in his cockpit with his First Officer on the bridge.

Hendrik Schepkens (9)


Thanks to everyone who participated in the paint scheme contest and raffle and extra big special thanks to Star Citizen for running the contest and PlaySeat for pitching in the Air Force seats.

Visit PlaySeat’s site to learn more about the Air Force seat.
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