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Here Comes The Saitek Cockpit!

We are proud to announce the long-awaited Saitek cockpit (Fig. 1.), loaded and unloaded! We’ve been working dog days in the hangar coming up with something that would stand up to your high standards and expectations that would be worthy of your fantastic flight-sim experience; and we’ve come up with something that will bring your […]

Pagnian Next Level Flight Simulator Cockpit

The home cockpit — as a virtual pilot, it’s your “office.” And if your business is giving the business to the enemy for hours on end in dogfights, bombing raids, and long range missile strikes, you need your office setup to be comfortable and sturdy. Most importantly, your office suitable for air combat and not […]

Summer Sizzle Sale 25% Off Select Saitek Panels!

US & CAN ONLY Now through the end of June, enjoy HUGE savings on select Pro Flight panels up to 25% off! Round out your flight simulator setup and get Closer To Reality with the Pro Flight Switch Panel, Pro Flight Multi Panel, and Pro Flight Backlit Instrument Panel (BIP). The Pro Flight Throttle/Prop./Mixture (TPM) is also on sale […]

Saitek Partners With Vision Of Flight

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” Saitek is pleased to announce a partnership with Vision of Flight, a non-profit organization based in Orlando, Florida that is dedicated to providing students with an introduction to the myriad careers available to them in aeronautics through an exciting, […]

v. X-55 Rhino H.U.D. Software Released

Hey, everyone, just some quick news on the Rhino. We’re pleased to announce that another run of the Rhino is coming soon and is available for pre-order sale on our North American, UK, French, and German stores! We’ve also just seen the new issue of PC Pilot magazine and the Rhino has been given the […]