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VOR1 and VOR2 dials for your Pro Flight Instrument Panel

Released in 2008 the Flight Instrument Panel, or FIP, has become a main stay of the home simulation cockpit. Due to the unique way the firmware and software in the product have been designed we gave the users the ability to design and produce there own cockpit instruments / dials.

We have seen a few of these over the last 2 years, but surely some of the best have come from user dfhflight on our official Saitek forum.  Here are the pictures of his VOR1 and VOR2 dials, which have been tested in house by our dedicated Saitek test team.

For more information and to download the dials for your FIP, then please go to this forum post


for those without access to the Saitek Forum, please register to gain access, remember accounts are free, and it will only take a couple of minutes to do.