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VIDEO: The Other 3 Forces of Flying

Lift is what gets you up in the air, but the other three forces (weight, thrust, drag) work with lift to keep you flying. Chris Palmer from Angle of Attack breaks it down in this week’s video.. (Originally posted in 2010.)

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Angle of Attack is a subscription based video service that specializes in flight simulator training using real world standards. Whether you are a seasoned flight sim pilot ready to take on PMDG’s 777 or a beginner just starting out in flight sim, Angle of Attack is a realistic, impactful, and entertaining training resource. The entire first series of videos, Aviator 90, is available for free on their website to members (signup is completely free). We will be re-posting one video from the Aviator 90 series once a week here on Saitek.com.

A study guide for all the Aviator90 episodes can be downloaded here.