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SKY SESSIONS: War Thunder – The Race is On!

Andrew Stevens from Fanbolt.com periodically shares his Twitch series “Sky Sessions” with Saitek. Here he is checking out the racing in megapopular online multiplayer air combat game War Thunder.

For my first ever “Sky Sessions” episode, which is my new weekly Twitch series focusing on flight games, I decided to try out War Thunder’s new race mode that was recently released in the game’s latest update. The replay below shows the extreme speed and maneuverability needed to proceed throughout the course. I took on the difficult task while using Saitek’s X-55 Rhino which you can see on the cam view in the video.

The new race mode only features one level, though it does come with a short version that has two laps and a long version which has a single extended course. I must say that it’s very entertaining and I had a great time checking it out. The course is set up well for tough situations where pilots need to be aware of speed going into certain sections. There are also tight areas where aviators will need to expertly fly the aircraft sideways through various segments.  It’s great for racing against opponents live, but the lack of leaderboard for top times is very disappointing.

I also had trouble with the spawning points after a crash as they are often very difficult, including one point where I was spawned nearly right into a rock. See the video below. Overall though, the air racing in War Thunder is a lot of fun and I hope they create more levels to compete in. Check out the videos below for the full experience.

Lovely Spawn!


Making it difficult!


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