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SKY SESSIONS: Over G Fighters

Andrew Stevens from Fanbolt.com periodically shares his Twitch series “Sky Sessions” with Saitek. 

In this week’s Sky Sessions I take a look at one of my favorite flight games on the Xbox 360. In fact, there isn’t another aviation related game that I’ve played more than Over G Fighters.

OverG2Over G Fighters was the right game at the right time as I hadn’t recently played many flight games prior to its release. I wasn’t big on PC gaming during most of the 2000’s so I missed out on a lot of the flight sims there. I did play the Ace Combat series and other arcade-like games on consoles, but Over G Fighters was the closest to a flight sim out of any of those. It provided just the right feeling I was looking for that wasn’t too overly sim but still close enough that it made take-offs and landings a great deal of fun. Plus, it was always a challenge to land on an aircraft carrier.

OverG5During the 30 minute Sky Sessions video I provide viewers with a look at what it’s like to simply just fly. I don’t cover any of the missions or modes at all. I simply just show off what it’s like to do the thing we all love to do, which is fly!

OverG4I did have some fun though by landing in the middle of a soccer field, inside a stadium, with the F-35. I actually have only done that a few times and impressed myself by doing it so well for the first time in what feels like forever.

OverG1I also show off the power of the F-22 and stylish look of an F-16 Thunderbird. By the way, I spent a minute trying to remember what the smoke button was when flying with the Thunderbird. Unfortunately I forgot that it needs to be equipped prior to flying. Enough writing though, check out the video above!

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