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SKY SESSIONS: Damage Inc. – Flying in the Pacific with DSR Enabled

Andrew Stevens from Fanbolt.com periodically shares his “Sky Sessions” and thoughts on flight sim with Saitek. 

Gameplay footage from the first mission with DSR (3820×2160) enabled.


Damage Inc. is a game I originally played on the Xbox 360. I received the Squadron Leader’s Edition which came with the game, the Saitek Pacific AV8R Flight Stick, and an awesome model airplane on top. Talk about a perfect package for any gamer and flight enthusiast.

I’ve decided to return to Damage Inc. and play it for the first time on PC. Since I first played it on the Xbox 360, I wanted to see how the PC version looked and performed. I was also curious to try the game out with NVIDIA’s DSR feature enabled.

DSR (Dynamic Super Resolution) allows gamers to play games up to 3820×2160 on their 1080p monitors, resulting in the production of a much smoother image while playing games. This means good riddance to all those jagged edges! DSR is especially noticeable on vegetation and distant objects.

What does DSR do to Damage Inc.? Check it out! Pay close attention to the little details, especially along the edges of the mountains, the airplanes, and buildings. Here are two comparison screenshots:

DamageInc DSR DamageInc DSR2

Damage Inc. is unfortunately locked at 30 frames per second, but I was able to keep it steady at 30 FPS with the GeForce GTX 980 at 3820×2160. However, when I tried it with the new EVGA GeForce GTX 960 SSC, I wasn’t able to keep the game at 30 FPS. It would drop to around 20 or less at times. Still, users can achieve 2715×1527 DSR just fine with the 960, keeping the FPS at 30 while receiving an enhanced image.

I love messing around with the DSR function and could do this all day on many different flight games. Let me know if there are any games you want me to check out with DSR enabled. Most games do see a nice enhanced image.

Now, to bring the focus back on Damage Inc., I forgot how long the missions last. This is especially so when players end up failing objectives and need to restart. Playing it again for the first time took me over an hour to get through the first mission due to failing objectives and needing to start over again. It seems a little unforgiving at first, expecting the best from pilots who are flying in the game for the first time. And remember, this isn’t my first time, though it has been a few years since I played it.

It’s still an entertaining game that leans very heavily on the arcade side of flight. I still find myself enjoying it, and I love using the slow motion feature while attacking enemy aircraft which helps make the gameplay more intriguing in those intense aerial combat situations.

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