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Updated Saitek Drivers: Prepar3D installation

Just a quick post, the installers for the Pro Flight Panels including the BIP, FIP, Radio, Multi, and Switch have been updated for Prepar3D. Installation works exactly the same as it does for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. The installers for the X52 and X52 Pro have also been updated for Prepar3D. Click here to visit […]

VIDEO: Introduction to Trim and Trim Adjustments

Trim makes flying easier and keeps you from having to exert pressure on the yoke all the time. Understanding elevator trim and adjusting the trim will save your forearms and help you in a multitude of situations including maintaining your altitude, keeping a steady airspeed during a climb, and taking off. Chris Palmer from Angle […]

Saitek Giveaway: The Action in the Skies

Thanks to Andrew Stevens from Fanbolt.com for writing this article and helping out with the giveaway. Here at Saitek we’re going to give away a couple Pacific AV8Rs for PC to those who can come up with some of the best action shots from any of your favorite flight sims. Simply tweet us (@SaitekSim) with […]

WAR THUNDER: Interview with Gaijin’s Alexander Trifonov

Alexander Trifonov is the International PR Rep for Gaijin Entertainemt, developers of megapopular MMO air combat game War Thunder. Andrew Stevens from Fanbolt.com recently spoke with Alex about the game and its future. As you all may know from my previous blog entry, I’ve been playing a lot of War Thunder lately and have been enjoying my […]

VIDEO: Primary Flight Control Basics

What exactly happens when you pull or push on the yoke, or turn it left or right? What about the rudder pedals? How do these changes affect the control surfaces of your aircraft while in flight? Chris Palmer from Angle of Attack explains the primary flight controls of elevator, aileron, and rudder and also takes a […]