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Get Ready For The New Honda…. Jet?

The Verge reports that automobile manufacturer Honda is readying production of its HondaJet. It’s certainly an intriguing looking creature based on the video and photos: it holds six passengers and “cruises at 420 knots — about 0.63 Mach — and gets power from a pair of specially designed turbofans developed through a joint venture with General Electric.”

The Verge also notes, “What makes the HondaJet really unusual, though (besides the fact that it’s being made by the same company that makes the Civic) is a unique engine mount that gives the plane its trademark appearance. Where most jets of this size have engines mounted on either side of the rear of the fuselage, the HondaJet’s HF120 turbofans rest on pedestals that rise from the wings. The advantage, Honda notes, is that the configuration frees up significant additional space inside the cabin. As a bonus, it also just looks downright sci-fi.”

What do you think of the HondaJet, fellow sim-aviators? Is this something you want to fly? And how about that cool glass cockpit?