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FS Weekend

All – Saitek Pro Flight will be attending the FS Weekend in lelystad, Holland on the 3rd and 4th November
FS Weekend is the largest simulation show in the world and has something for all levels and all area’s of Flight Simulation, including cockpit builders,  virtual squadrons, sales of hardware and software, helo’s, GA, Heavies, etc.
We will be selling all our Saitek Pro Flight hardware, including our licensed Cessna range at “special” show prices that will only be available for this weekend and only from our stand.
We will also be showcasing our new Multiplayer Experience that is Combat Pilot – Combat Pilot takes you to takes you into the world of the military  aviation pilot, starting with the realistic training, you will have to pass check flights and accrue flight hours before finally progressing to a front line fully qualified “Combat Pilot”
We hope to see you all there.
Saitek Pro Flight Team