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EAA AirVenture2013 at Oshkosh days 3 and 4

Hello from EAA Airventure 2013! The weather is warm and mild and the sky is clear, perfect for writing upon.

Hello from EAA

The last couple days have been a whir of activity, and not only from all the vintage planes that are continuously, miraculously in flight.

cool plane
On Day 3, we held our first raffle for a ride-along with the Aeroshell Aeronautics team at the Saitek booth. As you can see, interest was high.
Aeroshell signing - back Aeroshell signing - frontAeroshell signing - closeWe had two winners: Patty Pingle and Diana LeSuer.

Last night, the Aeroshell team performed a show at dusk. It was something truly to behold, their four T-6’s all lit up and loop-the-looping the sky. These blurry photos don’t do their feats justice, given I took them with a camera-phone as night rapidly fell, but it gives you a sense of how it went down.

Aeroshell night - 1 Aeroshell night - 2 Aeroshell night - 3 Aeroshell night - 4It was really was something special to watch as the sun went down.

Aeroshell night - 7 Aeroshell night - 8
On Day 4 (today!), our first raffle winner, Patty Pingle, took her ride.

Patty - 2 Patty - 3This is Patty with her Aeroshell team pilot, Bryan Regan, in front of his T-6.

Patty - 4 Patty - 5 Patty - 6 Patty - 7

Patty was thrilled with her ride, and gave an excited thank you to Saitek. She was so excited, it just came out as excited blurs on my camera-phone.
I’m writing now from the Saitek booth, surrounded by folks who are super into our products: demonstrations of AeroFlyFS, Combat Pilot, Damage Inc Pacific Theatre, and our full commercial pilot cockpit. Stop by Hangar D Booth 4133 if you’re visiting AirVenture, and pick up our stuff at amazing prices!

Diana will take her ride tomorrow, and on Saturday we will draw two more winners for a ride-along with the Aeroshell team. Check this blog, Facebook (facebook.com/SaitekProFlight) and @SaitekSim on Twitter for updates!