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Category: News

Come and see us at Miramar

This year Mad Catz / Saitek will have an exhibition stand the the Miramar air show – the show runs from Friday 1st October to Sunday 3rd October Miramar is the home of the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, aircraft flying this weekend will be the Blue Angels, the Canadian Snowbirds, the F-16, F-22, AV-8B and […]

The worlds first curved desktop screen

The CRVD’s from Ostendo Technologies inc, boasts a seamless curved screen that engages 75% of the Human Visual System (HVS) peripheral vision, creating an unmatched immersive viewing experience. The CRVD has all the benefits of multiple monitors without all the hassles. With its roomy 2880-by-900 resolution, the CRVD will expand your desktop and give you […]

Microsoft’s new flight title

Twenty-eight years after the debut of “Microsoft Flight Simulator 1.0,” Microsoft Game Studios also announced the internal development of “Microsoft Flight,” a new Windows exclusive. “Microsoft Flight” will bring a new perspective to the long-standing genre, welcoming everyone, including long-time fans, to experience the magic of flight. Website Here from the Microsoft gamescon press release

The New Saitek Pro Flight Backlit Information Panel

Compatible with Microsoft® Flight Sim™ X and Flight Sim™ 2004, the Pro Flight Backlit Information Panel provides users with clear and authentic information during flight. Supplied with over 70 individual ‘command tiles’ which display a wide variety of in flight commands and information, users can customize their Information Panel to display flight information relevant to […]

The New Saitek Pro Flight Throttle, Pitch and Mixture System

Fully compatible with all major flight simulation titles and pre-existing flight simulation set ups, the Pro Flight Throttle, Pitch and Mixture System replicates the control surface found in light aircraft, such as the Cessna®, Piper® and Money Bravo®. Three durable aluminium rods allow users to accurately alter throttle, pitch and fuel mixture levels and an […]