The New Saitek Pro Flight Backlit Information Panel

Compatible with Microsoft® Flight Sim™ X and Flight Sim™ 2004, the Pro Flight Backlit Information Panel provides users with clear and authentic information during flight.

Supplied with over 70 individual ‘command tiles’ which display a wide variety of in flight commands and information, users can customize their Information Panel to display flight information relevant to their aircraft or personal preference. In addition, users can assign a choice of three colours to each or the 24 segments, allowing different command tiles to light up with different colours during flight.

Command tiles not illuminated remain invisible to the naked eye, allowing aspiring pilots to accurately access the information they need, when they need it.  Standard Pro Flight mounting brackets are supplied, ensuring full compatibility with other ‘Panel’ products in the Saitek Pro Flight range.

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8 Responses to The New Saitek Pro Flight Backlit Information Panel

  1. Adonis Martinez says:

    One question, can I customize any function from Flight simulator only? how about an APU or a APU bleed from Feelthere ? (off course I will create my tags) Is it possible?

  2. Jacques says:

    Everything works fine by testing. But when I start FSX the BIP seems dead.
    I ytied everything such as drivers, uninstall etc.

    Who can help me.
    Best regards

    • Marc A says:

      Hi Jacques,

      We posted new drivers up on the web on Thursday, please try these, please remember to uninstall all the old BIP files which are called “ProFlightPlugin” and smart technology software, before installing the new files.

      Best regards


  3. luke says:

    works fine and tested it today

  4. schneider says:


    I’ve purchased the Pro Flight Backlit Information Panel for FSX. But I’d like to use it in Xplane now. Possible?

    • Marc A says:

      Hi – we are just about to release X-Plane drivers for the Pro Flight Multi Panel, Pro Flight Switch Panel and the Pro Flight Radio Panel. The Pro Flight Backlit Information Panel will be following shortly, keep coming back to the for updates and information.

      Many thanks

      Pro Flight Team

  5. Natalie says:

    I just purchased the BIP and only 27 tiles came when it’s suppose to be 51 and no software came, what do I do?