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Saitek Pro Flight Panels in DCS World?

While we all wait with bated breath for DCS World 2 and its shiny new EDGE graphics engine, we wanted to spotlight the work of DCS community member Jerker “ArturDCS” Dahlblom who, through keyboard emulation, has managed to get the Pro Flight Switch Panel to work with Digital Combat Simulator. Click here to visit the […]

SKY SESSIONS: Damage Inc. – Flying in the Pacific with DSR Enabled

Andrew Stevens from Fanbolt.com periodically shares his “Sky Sessions” and thoughts on flight sim with Saitek.  Gameplay footage from the first mission with DSR (3820×2160) enabled.   Damage Inc. is a game I originally played on the Xbox 360. I received the Squadron Leader’s Edition which came with the game, the Saitek Pacific AV8R Flight […]

We’re Selling A Genuine F-4 Cockpit Trainer

 UPDATE 2/2/2015: An offer for this cockpit has been accepted. An identical trainer (minus the rear canopy) is on eBay here. Just doing some early spring cleaning at the Mad Catz / Saitek headquarters and look what we’ve listed on eBay: a genuine F-4 Phantom Air Force Cockpit Trainer. Click here for the listing.