v. X-55 Rhino H.U.D. Software Released

Hey, everyone, just some quick news on the Rhino. We’re pleased to announce that another run of the Rhino is coming soon and is available for pre-order sale on our North American, UK, French, and German stores!

We’ve also just seen the new issue of PC Pilot magazine and the Rhino has been given the PC Pilot Platinum Award! Click here for more reviews and links.

If you already own the Rhino, a new software version is available now from the downloads page.

Version changelist

+ Bugs with the Latched and Repeat Action programming functions fixed

If you have an existing profile with bugged commands:

  1. Install the new software (you do not need to uninstall the old version)
  2. Open up the profile
  3. Delete the bugged commands
  4. Re-create the commands and save.

If this does not fix your commands you may need to create a brand new profile.

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