Infinite Flight – Mobile Flight Sim With The X52 Pro



The ever increasingly popular mobile flight sim Infinite Flight sent us a preview build today. Now that the developers have added live ATC into their sim, one of their next tasks is to add controller support. They’ve already had some success with the NVIDIA SHIELD so now it was our turn. We tested the build with the Mad Catz M.O.J.O and a Saitek X52 Pro and it performed pretty well after a little setup. After five minutes we had pitch, roll, yaw, throttle, trims, flaps, gear, and the always important camera change function dialed in.

This is just a preview build so expect even more functionality added when controller support goes live soon. For those who haven’t tried a mobile flight sim yet, now is a good time to start exploring it as the difference between simming on mobile and simming at home is increasingly shrinking. Rumor is that IF may eventually start adding popular third party aircraft models from traditional PC-based flight sims…

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