Here Comes The Saitek Cockpit!

Fig. 1. Your dream come true - the fully loaded Saitek Cockpit!

Fig. 1. Your dream come true – the fully loaded Saitek Cockpit!

We are proud to announce the long-awaited Saitek cockpit (Fig. 1.), loaded and unloaded! We’ve been working dog days in the hangar coming up with something that would stand up to your high standards and expectations that would be worthy of your fantastic flight-sim experience; and we’ve come up with something that will bring your Saitek gear closer to reality!

Fully Loaded: A Complete Cockpit Solution
For you enterprising sim-aviators who want to jump into the wonderful world of flight simulation with everything (and really, who doesn’t deserve everything?), Saitek is offering a fully-loaded cockpit styled after those found in general aviation trainers like the Cessna Skyhawk and the Piper Archer. The fully-loaded cockpit solution includes 10 Flight Instrument Panels (FIPS) that displays a multitude of gauges, two radio panels, a switch and multi panel that all fit precisely into a rugged and hardy frame boasting a front of professional-grade solid aluminum, a black anodized finish, and a beautiful double-stitched leatherette glare shield. It comes with three 7-port powered hubs (that’s 21 total slots!), yoke, pedals, quadrant, throttle, BIP and Cessna trim wheel. Click on your region’s flag to check it out!

Unloaded: Configure To Your Needs and Specifications
For you enthusiasts and PPL students who prefer to configure their own cockpit, the Saitek cockpit shell is the perfect home to house all your precious Saitek gear. Durable and hardy, yet only a mere 18 pounds (8.2 kilos), light enough to stand on just about any desk. It is the ideal stage to make your dream cockpit come to reality. Click on your region’s flag for more detail!

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