AVIATOR90: Now That’s What I Call Flying Circles

We continue looking at basic maneuvers with Point Turns. The “point” is to look out your side window and pick a visual landmark to circle around in a smooth manner: compensating for wind, continually adjusting bank angle, and maintaining altitude all while keeping your eyes off your instruments. Chris Palmer from Angle of Attack takes you through a typical left-hand turn around a radio tower.

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Angle of Attack is a subscription based video service that specializes in flight simulator training using real world standards. Whether you are a seasoned flight sim pilot ready to take on PMDG’s 777 or a beginner just starting out in flight sim, Angle of Attack is a realistic, impactful, and entertaining training resource. The entire first series of videos, Aviator 90, is available for free on their website to members (signup is completely free). We will be re-posting one video from the Aviator 90 series once a week here on Saitek.com.
A study guide for all the Aviator90 episodes can be downloaded here.
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