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The X52 and its Pro version are formidable flight controllers that possess a potentially daunting amount of functions. This text will hopefully provide the essential information needed to get the most out of your flight control system.




To start off with, check that you have everything installed correctly. Firstly, the PS/2 cable that comes with the controller needs to be connected from the stick, to the throttle, check that your pins are all ok; there should be 6 in the head of the plug.

It is recommended that you install the latest driver and SST software from our website. If this is done correctly (driver first then SST) you will have a little Saitek icon in your taskbar, next to the clock. If you do not have this, the SST fix on the FAQ page will resolve the issue.




Before you even start up your flight simulator, you should acquaint yourself with some of the controls and features of the X52 Pro. Go to Control Panel > Game Controllers and select the Properties for your X52 Pro. Here you can test your buttons and axes, and alter the time readout and the LED brightness and colour.

In addition to the standard Aileron, Elevator, Rudder and Throttle controls, you also have three additional axes to use on the throttle controller. They are the two; silver ridged rotary wheels and the precision slide. These are positioned conveniently so that your thumb and index finger can operate them. These controls have no set function, but they can be assigned in your Flight Sim to additional axes such as Elevator Trim or Flaps.

The X52 Pro possesses a Multi Function Display (MFD). This is very useful because not only does it allow you to view information about your button configurations, it also allows for direct manipulation of the Radio Stack information in FSX. Load up a flight and the Radio Stack data will be displayed on the MFD. Use the PG UP and PG DOWN wheel below the screen to scroll through the Radio Stack functions. Scrolling the MFD-SELECT wheel up and down will scroll through the sectors that can be altered. Press the MFD-SELECT control to highlight the information then move the scroll wheel to alter the altitude data, for example.

You may also notice a silver knob on the stick, that when turned alters the colour of the MODE LED and the Mode number on the MFD. To the uninitiated, the modes apply to the Programming Software (SST) that comes with the controller. The software allows you to assign the keyboard commands from your simulator to the buttons on the X52 Pro. You can save these assignments as a profile, which can be tweaked as your flight experience increases. One Mode equals one configured set of buttons. So, with the SST, you can have a minimum of 3 different button configurations set to your controller at one time. You can even set more modes in the programming software itself.

Instructions on this, and how to use the other features of the programming software, can be downloaded here.

You should also see a button on the throttle labeled I, this is referred to as the Clutch Button. The clutch button allows you to alter profiles on the fly. This is useful because if you have made two separate profiles for different aircraft, you can change profile without having to close your simulator. In order to change profile, press, and hold the clutch button. You will notice that the Hat Switch LED will begin to flash. Use the North and South clicks to scroll your profile list displayed on your MFD. The East click will activate the profile displayed on the MFD. The West click will clear the profile from your controller. The profile for FSX can be downloaded here.


Technical support telephone numbers can be found here



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