Q: Will the new Flight Panels be compatible with FS2004 as well as FSX?


Our new Radio Panel and Multi Panel will ship with full FS2004 support. This will also include FS2004 support for our original Switch Panel.

FS2004 compatibility is achieved through the use of FSUIPC. This will need to be installed onto your computer from the link below. You will need version 3.90 for FS2004.


To ensure your panels function correctly in FS2004, please follow these steps.


  • Make sure that FSUIPC and the Saitek Switch\Multi\Radio Panels driver files are installed. FSUIPC.dll will need to be deposited into C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\FS9\Modules.
  • Start up FS2004.
  • At the initial FS2004 menu page, click the minimize button to return to your desktop.
  • Go to Start>Programs>Saitek Pro Flight Panels, and click the ‘Launch the Flight Sim 2004 plugin’ icon.
  • Now you can maximize FS2004 and begin your flight.

This process will need to be repeated every time you want to play FS2004.

If you try to run the FS2004 plug-in before starting the Simulator, you will get an ‘unable to connect to FSUIPC’ error. If this occurs, click cancel, and launch the Flight Sim first.


Technical support telephone numbers can be found here


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