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Heavy Equipment Wheel and Pedals for PC

Steer Your Farm to Success

Stash your keyboard and racing wheel in the barn and grab a properly tilted, center-sprung wheel with 900 degrees of rotation. Enliven your farm with Saitek, the deep-rooted market leader in custom sim hardware.

  • Plug and Play with Windows 10 – No Drivers Needed
  • Seamlessly Compatible With Other PC SIM Games – Euro Truck, Train Simulator, FSX, XPlane, Elite Dangerous
Farm Management at its Finest
  • 900 Degrees of Wheel Rotation for Maximum Realism
  • Removable Turn Knob for Easier One-Handed Turning
  • Center-Sprung Wheel Contains all Controls for Out-of-Vehicle Activities
  • Low-Profile, Ergonomic Design Sits Close to the top of Your Desk
  • Gas and Brake Pedals Enhance Immersion
  • Durable Clamp Attaches Wheel to Your Gaming Area

Closer to Reality

The Heavy Equipment Wheel and Pedals system is the latest addition to Saitek's impressive stable of specialized gear. Traditional keyboard controls or wheels designed for a totally different genre of games may get the job done, but our wheel and pedals are much better equipped to handle that job. Why dig a hole with a shovel if you have access to a backhoe? Care for your farm with these realistic tools to gain a deeper sense of immersion and enjoyment, all while driving vehicles with a finer degree of control.

Total Control In and Out of Vehicles

You will actually feel like you're sitting in your heavy machinery with this highly realistic wheel and pedals system. Manage and grow your farm by steering a real wheel and pushing real pedals. Use the steering wheel knob to steer with one hand, just like in real life. Need to get out of your vehicle and walk around? We've put all the controls from a gamepad right on the wheel itself. Unless you're reaching for the loader stick on our separately available Vehicle Side Panel, you won't have to take your hands off the wheel. The wheel's bumper crop of buttons, sticks, and switches give you total control over your farmer.

Go for a Spin

You won't find a wheel that's closer to the real thing. We sat inside farming machinery and came up with a checklist of essentials. We then applied those essentials to our wheel. 900 degrees of rotation in both directions? Check. Properly tilted? Check. Horn? Yup. Center-sprung? Of course! Put down your gamepad, racing wheel, or mouse and keyboard, and wrap your hands around a wheel that truly simulates what's inside real-life farming machines.

Get a Grip

Yet another item on our list of must-haves for true farming simulation: a turn knob. How else can you turn the wheel while enjoying your beverage of choice? Better yet, your free hand can operate the controls on our supplementary, separately sold Vehicle Side Panel. The knob is removable – go ahead and place it wherever it's most convenient for you.

Enjoy Your Farm's Fresh Air

As good as it feels to cruise your farm in heavy machinery, sometimes you just have to get your hands dirty. Those in-game situations call for sticks and buttons, and the wheel has a cornucopia of them. Twin analog sticks, each with a push-down button, are ideal for moving your character and controlling your camera. Plus, the 4-way hat switches near each stick provide eight more buttons at your fingertips.

Two ergonomic, trigger-like buttons reside on the back. This built-in control scheme gives you precision command of your farmer, and everything is programmable from within the game. Whether using your chainsaw, walking into the barn, or simply going for a sunset stroll to admire your crops, all controls are at the ready.

 Angular travel is set to 20 degrees

Stop and Go

Rather than take the easy route by adding gas and brake functions to the wheel, we chose to enhance immersion by creating a set of dedicated pedals. Angular travel is set to 20 degrees to give you utmost control. And, the pedals connect to the wheel via 6ft/1.8m cable. That means the whole kit occupies only one USB port on your gaming rig.

Perfect Partners

Farming Simulator is the blue ribbon of agricultural simulation video games. And Saitek rules the roost when it comes to hardware designed to enhance simulation games. Using feedback from you, the Farm Sim community, Saitek and GIANTS Software partnered to build custom hardware that adds to the thrill of cultivating land, nurturing livestock, and selling goods to make your farm a rewarding venture.

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Product Includes:
  • Heavy Equipment Wheel with 6.6ft/2m USB Connector Cable
  • Gas and Brake Pedal Set with 6ft/1.8m USB Connector Cable
  • Detachable Turn Knob