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Saitek Pro Flight Panels in DCS World?


While we all wait with bated breath for DCS World 2 and its shiny new EDGE graphics engine, we wanted to spotlight the work of DCS community member Jerker “ArturDCS” Dahlblom who, through keyboard emulation, has managed to get the Pro Flight Switch Panel to work with Digital Combat Simulator. Click here to visit the thread on ED’s forum with links to his work.


Mr. Dahlblom and his team are also working on getting the BIP, Multi, and Radio Panel to work with DCS as well. It’s all open source but if you feel like donating to help the cause, visit his PayPal page here.

Mr. Dahlblom would like to thank his colleagues Pierre and Paul for helping with testing and also Jan “[FSF]Ian” Böcker and his DCS-BIOS project of which Mr. Dahlblom says, “Without his project there wouldn’t be a version 2.0 in the works of my project. His work is simply revolutionary when it comes to the communication with DCS.”

“Digital Combat Simulator (DCS) uses a Lua environment for interacting with the simulator itself. Users can script just about anything inside missions and also inside the cockpit, read loads of information from the simulator. To do this requires rather good knowledge of Lua and a lot scripting and a *complete* understanding of how DCS interacts through Lua.”

“In comes DCS-BIOS which offers a clear cut interface towards the cockpit, it broadcasts a continuous and tightly packed byte stream over UDP sockets in which all controls/data in the cockpit can be replicated outside the simulator itself (external panels). For manipulation of the cockpit controls the user can send commands to DCS-BIOS which then translates these to a format DCS understands. The complexity of the simulator itself is completely hidden from the user of DCS-BIOS.”

Another example of the ingenuity of our community!

Need some Saitek Flight Sim Panels?

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