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Microsoft Flight has launched and what better way to enjoy your Flight experience than with a Mad Catz joystick. Designed with accurate and realistic flying in mind, the Mad Catz joystick range will have you feeling like you're in the cockpit in no time at all. The ease of setup via default controls will have your heart racing in the game and not at some complicated configuration screens.

Mad Catz joysticks – the perfect companion for Microsoft Flight!


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Pro Flight Sticks

X65F Combat Controller ideal for Microsoft Flight
Use the X52 Pro in Microsoft Flight
X52 works with Microsoft Flight

Mad Catz Joysticks

Aviator for Xbox 360 and PC, take control in micrsoft flight
Aviator PS3 and PC take control whist flying over Hawaii

Cyborg Joysticks

Cyborg F.L.Y 9 for Xbox 360
Cyborg F.L.Y 9 for  PS3
Cyborg F.L.Y 5


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